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हनुमान चालीसा सुने हनुमान अष्टक

Shri Ram Katha

Shri Ram Katha

Shri Madh Bhagwat Katha

Shri Madh Bhagwat Katha

About Balaji

Shree Balaji Sidh Peeth temple was established in 8th January, 2005. The sculpture of Shree Balaji Maharaj, Shree Mahakal Bhairav, Shree Pretraj Sarkar and the entire Shiva family is there. If any devotee has some problem and he or she participates in 21 Tuesday Aarti then all the problems of the devotee will get resolved.

All kind of problems is addressed in the temple after the aarti conducted on every Tuesday and Saturday for free of cost. A devotee who is facing any problem has to report at the temple by 5 pm and get his/her name registered. For only one hour, the registration process is open. The name of which devotee has been mentioned in the register; solutions to only his/her problems are suggested by the Maharaj Ji. For making the registration a person can either choose the online medium or visit the temple for it. After making the registration the problem is being discussed with the Maharaj Ji and then after some time the problem is resolved by the blessings of the Balaji Maharaj.


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2 Hours
139 A Vipin Garden Extn. North Block-55 Foot Road,Dwarka Mod,Uttam Nagar,N.D-59

Mandir Nirmaandhin

139 A Vipin Garden Extn. North Block-55 Foot Road,Dwarka Mod,Uttam Nagar,N.D-59

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139 A Vipin Garden Extn. North Block-55 Foott road,Dwarka Mod,Uttam Nagar,N.D-59

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chhath Puja

10 November Wednesday 2021


15 October Friday 2021


4 November Thursday 2021


6:03 am


6:38 pm

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NAM DAN: "A man asked to a saint,”Did Mirabai, Namdev and Dhanna have Guru ? No they didn’t have any gurus,but they got their respective gods in absence of any gurus,mirabai used to talk with lord shri Krishna ,she didn’t have any gurus,similarly,namdev visualized his respective god shri Vitthal 72 times ,Dhanna got his god by stone , and these people didn’t have any gurus,so is it important to have gurus? But as the matter of fact people who talks like this are insane ,they are not intellectual, They influence others to walk with them, which is not correct,they keep theirshelf refrained from reality and indulge theirself in wrong deeds,evil deeds. At early stage ,if god appears to their follower’s, just because of follower’s trust ,love and respect,but they didn’t understand worth of it.so to understand the actual value of being follower of god or being a Bhakat, they got it by gurus,people who talks about mirabai ,namdeva and dhanna, let me tell them that even they have gurus, Mirabai came in contact with guru ravi das,namdev with guru vishoba khechar and dhana bhakat had swami ramanand . That’s why there is famous verse that without guru knowledge doesn’t exit."


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139 A Vipin Garden Extn. North Block-55 Feet road,Dwarka Mod,Uttam Nagar,N.D-59
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