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In this temple Shri Balaji Maharaj, Shri Pretraj Sarkaar, shri Bhairav ji and God Shiva Live With their Families.In the Premises of temple (50 metre) East,West,North,South all Parts are dominated By These Three Gods. This area Is blessed by them completely.

In The court of God Balaji You can visit For The Solutions Of any problem on Every Tuesday and Saturday at 6 pm.

* Family Problems

* Bussiness Problems

Visit for any problem related to any disease or any exercise problem, ancestral problems

NOTE:- All devotees must join the Prayer at temple

Shri Balaji Maharaj is the eleventh Incarnation at lord shiva as a child he is called Balaji and he is called Hanuman ji when he was grown up . Balaji Maharaj is dominant God in Kalyug. only aftergetting glance a lot of devorties have benefited completly.

who don’t have children they got beautiful flowers.They came here till 21 Tuesdays.

They did’t have Business but After visiting Shri balaji now they have Good Business.All the Problem of Exocism were solved By balaji. some preist have some negativity that women must not a pray god Hanuman Ji But fact is that if any women Keep fast of hanuman Ji with her husband. she get fullfillment & Prosperity And Gets Solution Of every problem.

NOTE :-But women should not touch the Hanuman Ji and should not perform any ritual at the time of insanity.and every person should light the  Panchmukhi deepak’and ricite ‘Hanuman chalisa’.‘Hanuman Ashtak’They should ricite ‘Bajrang Ban’ and ‘Shri Ram Stuti’

Shri Bhairav Ji Maharaj is the 5th incarnation of God Sankar.Bhairav Ji has his 13 incarnations mahakaal Bhairav Ji is one of them. if u have any hidden Problem.By the grace og Bhairav ji it could be solved in no time.

Shri Pretraj Sarkar Is The incarnation Of Dharma.

About Balaji Mandir

  1. Shree Balaji Sidh Peeth temple was established in 8th January, 2005. The sculpture of Shree Balaji Maharaj, Shree Mahakal Bhairav, Shree Pretraj Sarkar and the entire Shiva family is there. If any devotee has some problem and he or she participates in 21 Tuesday Aarti then all the problems of the devotee will get resolved.
  2. All kind of problems is addressed in the temple after the aarti conducted on every Tuesday and Saturday for free of cost. A devotee who is facing any problem has to report at the temple by 5 pm and get his/her name registered. For only one hour, the registration process is open. The name of which devotee has been mentioned in the register; solutions to only his/her problems are suggested by the Maharaj Ji. For making the registration a person can either choose the online medium or visit the temple for it. After making the registration the problem is being discussed with the Maharaj Ji and then after some time the problem is resolved by the blessings of the Balaji Maharaj.
  3. If any devotee comes with his/her problems like no job, no sufficient income from the business, problem in having a baby, problems related to evil spirits etc., they will surely get solution for their every kind of problem. No matter, whatever may be the problem of the devotee is, in this temple, if all the problems are resolved by the Balaji Maharaj by seeing the strong devotion of the person.
  4. Thousands of devotees have benefited from this court. Nishantan has attained the child. If anybody has a ghost demon obstacle, then Shri Balaji Maharaj is pleased with the grace of Jeev free of obstacles.
  5. Those who want to register can make his registration online or can register himself on the temple and only after registration, Maharaj ji is discussing the issue for diagnosis and after some time he has been blessed with the blessings of Shri Balaji Maharaj. The problem ends immodestly.

Services offered:

Apart from this from Shree Balaji Sidh temple, a committee is being operated for the welfare of poor women and children. The name of the committee is Saint Vinod Ji Maharaj Manav Kalyan Samiti.

      • Under this committee, free education is provided to the poor students from class 1 to class 8.
      • Girls and ladies are taught with handworks like stitching, embroidery, weaving by the trained staff of the committee.
      • The skilled staff of the committee provide necessary computer education to the needy people
      • Moreover, the experts are there to arrange classes for Beauty Parlor course
      • Time to time health check camp is conducted where medicines are distributed for free of cost.

These facilities are provided by the committee using the collected funds of the temple.

Several other cultural activities are organized and performed in the temple including:

The Annual day Celebration Program (8th January), Hanuman Jayanti, Guru Purnima in the month of July are celebrated here. The program of Lord Shri Janmashtami, In the month of Kartik, the marriage of 7-day Prabhat Ferry companion Tulsi Mata is celebrated with great joy and glee.

Also, the devotees of Shri Balaji, the ultimate devotee of the national saint, Shri Vinod ji Maharaj, is going to the place of place and in the place of the legend is arranged by Maharaj.

Education of children Education of computer education Stitching embroidery from time to time Distribution of health check camps for free or distribution of garments in the form of gift in the marriage of poor girl In this way all these works are going smoothly.

Upcoming Events: