Shri Balaji Sidhpeeth Temple was established on 8 January 2005 Shri Balaji Maharaj Ji, Shri Mahakaal Bhairav, Shri Pretraj Sarkar, Hathiwan maharaj and Shiva family are sitting in this court. The Darbar believes that if a devotee attends the Aarti on 21 Tuesday regarding any problem, then his wishes are fulfilled. In this temple Shri Balaji Maharaj, Shri Pretraj Sarkaar, shri Bhairav ji and God Shiva Live With their Families . In the Premises of temple (50 metre) East, West, North, South all Parts are dominated By These Three Gods. This area Is blessed by them completely. In The court Of god Balaji,You can Visit For The Solutions Of any problem on Every Tuesday and Saturday at 6 pm. * Family Problems * Bussiness Problems Visit for any problem related to any disease or any exercise problem, ancestral problems NOTE:- All devotees must join the Prayer at temple Shri Balaji Maharaj is the eleventh Incarnation at lord shiva as a child he is called Balaji and he is called Hanuman ji when he was grown up . Balaji Maharaj is dominant God in Kalyug. only aftergetting glance a lot of devorties have benefited completly. who don't have children they got beautiful flowers.They came here till 21 Tuesdays. They did't have Business but After visiting Shri balaji now they have Good Business.All the Problem of Exocism were solved By balaji. some preist have some negativity that women must not a pray god Hanuman Ji But fact is that if any women Keep fast of hanuman Ji with her husband. she get fullfillment & Prosperity And Gets Solution Of every problem. NOTE :-But women should not touch the Hanuman Ji and should not perform any ritual at the time of insanity.and every person should light the ' Panchmukhi deepak'and ricite 'Hanuman chalisa'.'Hanuman Ashtak' They should ricite 'Bajrang Ban' and 'Shri Ram Stuti'

Balaji Maharaj

Shri Mahakaal bhairav ji maharaj

Shri Bhairav Ji Maharaj is the 5th incarnation of God Sankar. Bhairav Ji has his 13 incarnations mahakaal Bhairav Ji is one of them. if u have any hidden Problem.By the grace og Bhairav ji it could be solved in no time.  According to ‘Shivpuran’, on the Ashtami of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Kartik, Bhairav was born from the part of Lord Shankar in the afternoon, hence this date is also known as Bhairavashtami. According to mythological stories, a demon named Andhakasur was crossing the limits of immorality and tyranny with his acts, even once he dared to attack even Lord Shiva after being overwhelmed with pride. Then Bhairav was born from Shiva’s blood to kill him. According to some Puranas, Bhairav originated as an insult to Shiva. This is about the beginning of the world. Brahma, the creator, seeing Lord Shankar’s dress and the appearance of his ganas, spoke contemptuous words to Shiva. Shiva himself did not pay any attention to this insult of his, but at the same time a fierce body trembling with anger and holding a huge stick appeared from his body and it came forward to kill Brahma. Seeing this, Brahma cried out in fear. That body should be calm only after the mediation of Shankar.The same body born from the body of Rudra got the name of Mahabhairav. Later Shiva appointed him as the mayor of his Puri, Kashi. It is said that Lord Shankar destroyed the ego of Brahma on this Ashtami, hence this day is celebrated as Bhairav Ashtami Vrat. Bhairav Ashtami reminds of ‘Kaal’, so many people worship Bhairav to get rid of the fear of death.

Shri pretraaj sarkaar maharaj

Pretraj Sarkar is a Hindu God closely associated with Lord Hanuman. He is the King of Ghosts and he is also sometimes mistaken as Yamraj, the Hindu God of Death. The story of Pretraj Sarkar begins with Hanuman burning down Lanka.

When Hanuman burned Lanka, Rishi Neelasur attempted to put down the fire using his magic. But none of his magic worked on the fire started by Hanuman. Lanka continued burning.

Rishi Neelasur then realized that Hanuman was no ordinary being. He then stood before Hanuman and asked him to reveal his true identity.
Hanuman told Rishi Neelasur that he was just a devotee of Lord Ram. He also told him that he was not able to extinguish the fire because it had the blessing of Bhagavan Sri Ram.
Rishi Neelasur then asked to take him to Bhagavan Sri Ram.
He had his wish fulfilled after the defeat of Ravana in the Ramayana.
After the departure of Bhagavan Sri Ram from earth, Hanuman appointed Rishi Neelasur as his minister and lieutenant to spread the glory of Bhagavan Sri Ram. He was then given the name Pretraj Sarkar.
He was also made the Lord of the beings that resided in the skies. He thus controls goblins, ghosts and other beings that wander in the sky.
Worshipping Pretraj Sarkar helps in removing various troubles in life. He also fulfills desires of the people.
He is mainly approached by people who are possessed by evil spirits and ghosts. As he is the King of Ghosts, he cures people and blesses them.
There is separate Pretraj Sarkar Chalisa, Aarti, and prayer.

Hathiwan maharaj

Hathiwan Maharaj was the king of Malwa whose mention is found in the Piru Khand of Alha. Malwa comes under Madhya Pradesh. Hathiwan Maharaj’s vehicle was an elephant on which he used to ride and he was accompanied by a monkey who was always with him. Whenever Hathiwan Maharaj used to go for war, he used to say Jai Bajrangbali Bali because he was the supreme devotee of Hanuman ji. He had taken a living tomb in Barha. Hathiwan Maharaj had five brothers. In which he was the eldest. He had killed Shatrujeet, the king of Datia.

Maa Durga

In Hinduism, the goddess Durga, is the protective mother of the universe. She is one of the principle forms of Shakti, the divine female energy in the Hindu religion. Durga is the warrior goddess. As such, she is willing to unleash her vengeance in order to combat evil and demonic forces that threaten peace and prosperity. Goddess Durga represents the power of the Supreme Being that preserves moral order and righteousness in the creation. In Sanskrit, Durga means “a fort” or “a place that is difficult to overrun.” Origin Originally, she is Adi Parashakti, the ultimate female energy present in the universe before creation. The gods invoked her to defeat the demon, Mahishasura. Her manifested form emerged from the gods themselves. Before the war, she was gifted with different weapons, ornaments, valuable clothes, jewelery, and a lion or tiger as her mount. Appearance Goddess Durga is depicted as a warrior woman with eight hands carrying weapons of different kinds. Each hand assumes a mudra, a symbolic hand gesture, that represents her teachings. She is usually shown wearing a red sari. The color red symbolizes action. Often, Durga is depicted as riding on a lion or tiger. A tiger symbolizes unlimited power, and so so her riding one indicates that she possesses unlimited power. The lion is a symbol of uncontrolled animalistic tendencies (such as anger, arrogance, selfishness, greed, jealousy, desire to harm others etc.). Her sitting on a lion reminds us to control these qualities, so that we are not controlled by them.


The history of Narmadeshwar Shiva Linga dates back to centuries and the formation of this Shiva Linga is very unique in its own right. Its believed that the waves of the Narmada River hits the stones in the river and thus this Linga forms its oval shape. However this process takes thousands of years together and that is why it is so auspicious. One can even hear the water inside the Linga when shaken. The Narmadeshwar Shivling are quite strong and the hardness is a 7 on the Moe’s Scale. It is the considered view of many researchers and geologists that the unique composition of the Narmadha Shivalingas was due to the impregnation of it’s rocky river-sides and the rocks in the river bed 14 million years ago by a large meteorite that crashed into the Narmada River. The fusion of the Meteorite and the Earthly Minerals has spawned a new and unique type of Crystalline Rock with extraordinary energetic qualities. Narmada Stone are Swayambhu Shiva Lingas that have taken shape in the Sacred Narmada River. It can be placed at your own home, healing place, meditation space, work place, Business Place, Corporate Houses. Narmada Linga will bring and maintain peace and harmony. The Narmada Shivling is a most sacred symbol and divine energy tool, Enhanced Positive energy will be invoked in the place. It is seen from many people during ‘Shani Sadhesati’ they got tremendous relief by keeping & worshipping ‘Narmadeshwar Shivling’. 1.Narmadeshwar Shivling have mysterious super power that induces focus and concentration. 2.Ancient sages and seers of India have recommended worship of Narmada Shiv linga so that any person can connect with Lord Shiva. Spiritually the person would feel very nearer to the Lord Shiv as well as the only Shivling has the power to give the positive effect of any planetary bad effect. No planet in this earth has the power to give bad effect to the Shivling worshipper. 3.It brings prosperity at home. 4.It also brings growth and opportunities when placed in Office. 5.It helps in activating the energy within which is also called as kundalini energy and the seven chakras. It awakens the energy centers and brings feelings of peace and well being. 6.Natural Spiritual healing stone balances and brings harmony to the surrounding environment. 7.It also helps in maintaining the cordial relationship, its recommended for healthy relationship between husband and wife. Couples who keep and worship Narmadeshwar Shivling in their home are blessed with Lord Shiva’s blessings. 8.It removes vastu Doshas and protects the place from all tantrik attacks. 9. It protects the home from evil effects.

Ram darbar

The Ram Darbar is an important Hindu icon and can be found in many homes, but what is its meaning? The statue of Lord Rama, his consort Sita, and her brothers Hanuman and Laxman are highly symbolic of devotion, love, and friendship. It symbolizes a home where each member of the family is loved and cared for. In our home, we should have a Ram Darbar statue in our home, so that we can remind ourselves of the great devotion and love that these men have shown to one another and to us as individuals. Lord Rama The Ram Darbar is an attractive representation of Lord Vishnu and his family. Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and his wife Sita is his perpetual consort and the embodiment of love and virtue. In addition to his divine beauty, Lord Rama’s virtues and good character have earned him the name Maryada Purshottam. Similarly, his sons Lakshman and Hanuman are ideal brothers. In addition, they represent good health, protection from illness, and knowledge of the universe. The wall-hung Ram Darbar Idol was crafted by artisans in India. The idol depicts Lord Sri Ram, Goddess Sita, Hanuman Ji, and Lord Lakshman. It symbolizes the bond between the four members of a family, and is extremely auspicious. The devotion and love this idol brings will benefit the entire family. Not only will the wall-hanging Ram Darbar represent the divine presence, but it will also enhance self-confidence and provide the guiding light needed to lead a fulfilling and happy life. Mata Sita If you are looking for a unique gift for your children, why not present them with a handmade Mata Sita Ram Darbar? It is the perfect way to celebrate your daughter’s upcoming marriage! Sita’s MATA figurine is made from 100% solid brass and features Lord Rama and Hanuman. The entire assemblage represents the essence of the Ramayana and is the perfect decoration for our child’s room. In addition to Mata Sita, you can also add the figures of Lord Hanuman, Laxman, and Shanuman to your Ram Darbar. Traditionally, the group includes Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, and the righteous devotee, Hanuman. These figures symbolize good health, protection from diseases, and knowledge of the world. A Ram Darbar Puja will bring good luck to your home and will enhance domestic harmony. Lord Laxman The Ram Darbar consists of Lord Ram, Lord Laxman, Maa Sita, and Lord Hanuman. Each one represents a different quality of life. These deities are represented by marble statues. Marble statues are highly sought after and are available in various styles, including Murtis, which depict the figures in different poses. They are also made with exquisite gold work, and are one of the most beautiful statues available. A ram darbar is a popular Hindu home decoration and is considered a symbol of domestic harmony and good fortune. When worshipped, these statues emit happiness. They keep jealousies and negativity at bay. By placing these idols in strategic locations, a ram darbar can help prevent these problems and bring good luck and happiness into our home. If we want our families to have a peaceful home, placing a ram darbar idol in the front of the house is a perfect way to do this. Lord Hanuman If you have a devotion for Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram, it is a good idea to have a statue of them in your home. They are both powerful incarnations of the Almighty God and are regarded as powerful protectors. It is also believed that Lord Hanuman can make people fearless. In fact, some people say that Lord Hanuman is the greatest of them all! In our home, we can find two types of Lord Hanuman. The first is the traditional idol of Lord Ram, which is a wall hanging. It depicts Lord Hanuman with the Goddess Sita. It shows family unity and provides protection from the harmful effects of Saturn and Mars. In addition, it helps to calm the nerves of children and is very beneficial in improving family wealth. Hence, a wall hanging idol of Lord Hanuman is a great way to bring spiritual energy into your home. Their relationship The Ram Darbar depicts the most cherished figures of Hinduism, Lord Lakshman, Lord Hanuman and the ever-faithful Goddess Sita. They represent the perfect union of soul and life purpose. In addition, the Ram Darbar shows Laxman as an ideal companion and Lord Hanuman as the perfect devotee. The Lord is regarded as the Supreme Protector of His devotees. Lord Lakshman, Rama, Goddess Sita Mata, Lord Hanuman, and a fan are all part of the Ram Darbar. The purpose of the Pooja is to achieve divine blessings, as well as to balance one’s mind, emotions, and soul. It can also help in protecting the worshipper from negative energy and opens the way for prosperity. Besides, it is the most auspicious ritual in Hinduism.

Arti timing
Morning winter -5.00 a.m. 6.00 p.m. evening
Morning summer-4.50 a.m. 7.30 p.m. evening